Yoga Nidra Training - 5th - 7th June, 2021

Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of deep relaxation, yet backed by contemporary science. The best part is that it's customizable and accessible to everyone! During this weekend workshop, you'll learn about the history, theory, science of this guided relaxation technique, be able to share it with others, and develop a personal practice.

Join TYNZ teacher trainers Phoebe McMillan and Beryl Lebowitz-Ciccoricco for this weekend of introspection, communication, and self-realization.

Course will run from Saturday morning, June 5th to Monday afternoon, June 7th 2021.

Investment $495 ($445 for returning students)
Enrollment is OPEN and space is limited, grab your spot by email if you are keen!

Copy of yoga teacher training

200-hour MultiStyle Yoga Teacher Training Course - 2 x 10 DAY IMMERSIONS

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN! Offering the same curriculum as our 10 weekend multi-style course, this 200-hour training runs in 2 ten-day blocks, for a more immersive feel.

This training is styled both for Dunedin locals and for commuters to enjoy our lovely Dunedin (twice!) and leave with a Yoga Alliance Certificate in hand to share the magic in their hometown.

Mod 1 begins 25 June.  Mod 2 begins 1 Oct.

Course fee $2550 NZD if paid in one go, or $2700 in 3 installments of $900.

Applicants must have 2+ years experience and may be interviewed for enrollment.

Copy of Copy of Yin TTC 2021

Yin Yoga 100-hour Teacher Training

Recently, Yin Yoga has become a very popular yoga style, perhaps because our everyday life is so "yang."  This slow-paced, introspective style of practice targets the deeper connective tissues of the body, and applies gentle stress and long holds to rejuvenate our joints and calm our nerves.

Our next 100 hours course will be beautifully facilitated again by the wonderful Amanda from Self Agency Academy.

10 days / 100 hours - July 10 - 20, 2021


Email for more info on schedules, fees + curriculum.

final week sage

Running during a lunchtime near you, Dunedin!

SAGE YOGA is in our final week of sessions, with our last flow for Term 1 on Friday April 2nd, 2021.  Make Good Friday really good!

All props included/provided.  Come experience our cozy, posh studio.

Safety first with mature, experienced teachers from the YTTC staff.

Drop ins and concessions available.  Email us for info on the Term 2 schedule.


Email for booking info: 

PLEASE NOTE - our refund policy allows you to cancel your booking more than 30 days before the start of your course with no penalty (except CC processing fees), but within 30 days your cancelation will forfeit $350, and within 14 days, you will lose your deposit. You can, however, use your payment toward another course in the future. Once the course has begun, there will be no refunds.  Our 'Terms of Enrolment' and payment plans will be mailed to you when you enrol.
PLEASE ALSO NOTE - completion of the 200hr course does not guarantee teaching certification.  We follow Yoga Alliance as well as Trimurti Yoga guidelines to ensure quality standards.  Certification is at the Directors' discretion.

FAQs for the YTTC

Will I be able to teach after completing this course?

Certainly. If you enrol in our YTTC, you will be a Yoga Alliance certified teacher with a 200-hour Certificate of Completion. With this, you can sign up with Yoga Alliance and begin accruing teaching hours, undertake more training, or just keep the certificate as a symbol of your hard work and dedication to health and wellness.

This certification is recognised globally, so you can work abroad! Trimurti Yoga is the perfect first step on your yoga journey. If you already have your 200hr Certification, and you take one of our YACEP courses, you can upload that certificate to YA and add the hours to your dashboard!

The graduates who have the easiest transition to teaching after completion are those that teach what they know, and teach what they practice regularly.

If you are new to yoga, and you don't have a preferred style yet, it will be more challenging to teach straight away... but thats why they call it a PRACTICE.

Do I have to teach after this course?

No, this course is designed to decode the ancient traditions of yoga and explain how even a small daily practice yields BIG results. Many people use this training to deepen their practice and their understanding of yoga as a tool for health and wellbeing. They also have an opportunity to focus on themselves, which is often less of a priority in our busy worlds.

The course is a challenge! It should be. Teaching yoga is HARD, as would be any 'job' that requires such a diverse skills set, as well as a profound respect for the history and traditions of a path so powerful. Embrace the challenge, ​and see how it transforms you, and prepares you for a better life off of the mat.

What does the weekend schedule entail?

We aim to make our courses accessible and available to everyone, so our '10 weekend format' trainings are run over 3-months, with classes held on weekends. We meet from 8am to 6:30pm, with breaks for throughout the day. There is an hour-long break for lunch each day, during which you can step out and grab a bite nearby or eat the lunch you have brought with you in the studio. Coffe, tea and snacks are provided.

For the 200hr TTC, you will have homeworks each week, prepping for the next weekend’s sessions. This work counts toward the 200 hours needed for the course certificate. Other shorter courses have schedules with different hours. Email us for more info!

Are there "exams?"

Yes, there is time to write essays at the end of the course, as well as present your final 'practicum' to the group. You will be more than prepared for both of these assessments after 200 hours of study, learning, and fun.

What if I’ve never practised yoga before?

This course is a great introduction to all things yoga, and a great place to start your yoga journey. We do suggest, however, between now and the first day of class, taking some “beginners yoga” classes on your own or watch/practice with some videos at home to prepare you for the course. Yoga is a big topic and we cover as much as we can fit in!

Should I be concerned about this journey?

Well, this programme has been known to bring up some 'stuff,' and was lovingly knicknamed (in India) a "Total Transformation Course."
Yoga, by nature, can be a glorious path to peace + self reflection, and it can be simultaneously very confronting. Be prepared to have moments of joy, as well as self doubt and discomfort. You must learn to be your own advocate, and ask for support when you need it...the entire teaching team is here for you, for this exact reason.

What if I miss a day of classes?

We understand that life happens and will do our best to get you the information that you’ve missed. However, as per the Yoga Alliance  guidelines, you will have to make up the hours in order to reach the 200 hours needed for course completion and certification.

What is a 'practicum'?

During this course, you will be asked to "teach" a few times along the way, culminating in a final project at the end of the course. It starts out small and basic, and then as you acquire new techniques and skills, and you find your voice, your presentations become more involved. There is FEEDBACK along the way too, this makes people uncomfortable on occasion. This can be conducted in a private setting, if you'd prefer, and is constructive, but supportive and honest. We encourage students to explore the many styles and techniques of yoga, and therefore, we present many options for individualized growth and potential.

What is Trimurti Yoga?

Trimurti Yoga was founded by Karolina Krawczyk and Ajay Sharma, and their multi-style yoga teacher training courses have received top rankings on and

Their success spreads to Bali, now New Zealand, South America, and Europe. We are thrilled to offer their guidance, support and multi-style programme here in Dunedin, for everybody to enjoy.

Beryl Lebowitz Ciccoricco leads the NZ branch of Trimurti Yoga, after first studying with them in 2014. She has written & lead multiple TTCs for Karo and Ajay over her four seasons in India, and is thrilled to be a part of Trimurti’s global family.  Her courses highlight the many talents of local Dunedin teachers, with special guest appearances from Otago University professors, local studio owners, and Trimurti’s renowned yogis from abroad. Beryl is the co-owner of AYU wellness arts event space at 7 Crawford Street, and in this venue TYNZ runs its course calendar. Email us for a visit!

How do I enrol?

First, thank you for reading this page!

Now you can fill out our application form and tell us about your yoga journey so far!

When we confirm your booking, we'll send you payment information.  We accept bank transfer and credit cards only.

Where do I find independent reviews?

You can read reviews and testimonials of our company at,, and Trip Advisor We are also on Instagram and Facebook so please like and follow our pages.